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Cleo: So when I found out what this was about… it stung me in the heart. Because this is totally disrespectful to do. From what I heard, the artist crappily colored this pony base as a reaction to her friend committing suicide, putting a gun to her head and killing herself.

Really, instead of coloring a pony base in a shitty way, just mourn her loss in general. I don’t know why bronies/pegasisters feel the need to ponify the tragic loss of somebody. If it were somebody I lost? I wouldn’t be able to do pretty much anything for a long time ‘cause I’d be too damn depressed. Let alone horribly color in a pony base as a reaction to it.





I just downloaded SketchBook Copic Edition. AND IT’S REALLY GREAT!
The interface it’s like the other SketchBook programs but I love how the colors can be blended and treated almost like real Copic markers!, I’m exited.

I’m sharing my first drawing here so it’s not so cool…but I’ll be practicing a lot with this thing.
The download it’s easy and you can find the program for free in the AppStore, here: DOWNLOAD

Hope you guys enjoy the program as much as I did!

*A* And a link for Windows users.

This is the program I use. I love it.

Downloading this now. 8D

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